Solar System The Planets

Morris Said:

why the outer solar system planetsare gas and inner solar system planetsare rock?

We Answered:

As our solar system was forming some 5-billion years ago it’s thought that the object that would eventually become our sun formed first. Consequently it had more mass and thus more gravitational pull on remaining gas and dust in the immense nebula from which it was built. Any other nearby objects therefore received more material themselves; they became more dense than new planets forming farther out where the infall of nebular stuff was less.

Lance Said:

What are the outer solar system planets called….??

We Answered:

you mean out of our solar system. its called exosolar planet or exoplanets

Heidi Said:

can man colonized other planets in our Solar system, at present or at least the very near future?

We Answered:

We do NOT have the technology or resources. Will and desire are moot.

There is NO planet or moon in our Solar System to colonize. Name one….

Mars is certainly not able to be colonized. It has 2/5 the gravity of Earth. You cannot take an organism that evolved for 3 billion years on Earth and expect it to function on a planet with 2/5 gravity. I don’t understand why people can’t understand that. Even short term trips to the Moon and the ISS have returned to Earth with permanent bone structure deformities.

Persons hear about manned space missions to Mars and suddenly think that humans are going to colonize it. There is nothing further from the truth. Astronauts will be the only humans going to Mars and those missions will be 3 months or less.

Mars has no breathable atmosphere. A surface pressure which prevents the formation of liquid water. No magnetosphere to prevent deadly radiation. A thin atmosphere which allows for constant impacts of micrometeorites. And dust storms which can whip across the entire surface of the planet.

This is astronomy 101. Any high school student knows that Earth is the ONLY place in our Solar System where humans can live.

The process of colonizing any other planet or moon will never ever happen. Not in a century, not ever.

Sometimes persons get so involved with sci-fi movies and television shows that they lose touch with reality.

Someone is excited about sending a probe to Alpha Centauri? The system contains no planets. The round trip voyage to the system would take at least 25,000 years.

Astronomy and Space is not about guesses or hopes.

If you are concerned about our planet’s resources – and you should be – the only option is to join organizations and clean it up. The option to ship billions of people to another planet does not and will never exist.

Corey Said:

i want to ask the solar system planets with their axis tilts with the side view images required.?

We Answered:

Wikipedia has all the information that you need, and the most accurate. Even though maybe this site is a bit over played it still works well. Also has a solar system page that you can also check and compare data if you like. It’s good that you asked because every website sometimes has different data, and you want to make sure that your data is correct.

Ray Said:

How old are the solar system planets?

We Answered:

Astronomers think that the Solar System is 4.6 billion years old, give or take a few million years. How do they know how old the Solar System is? By studying meteorites.
Our Solar System formed when a vast cloud of cold gas and dust was bumped by a nearby supernova blast. The cloud collapsed down and began to spin because of the conservation of momentum of the material in the cloud. The material flattened out into a spinning disk with the middle part becoming the Sun, and clumps in the disk becoming planets.
Scientists study meteorites that have fallen around the Earth. They use a technique called radioactive dating to measure how long ago the meteorites formed. Scientists know that certain elements will decay at a very specific rate into other elements. They measure the amount of the first element, and the amount of the second element, and then calculate the ratio. The ratio of the two elements tells scientists how old the sample is.
After studying hundreds of meteorites, scientist keep coming back with the same answer from their radioactive dating. The Solar System is 4.6 billion years old – give or take a few million years.

Heidi Said:

What are the 9 solar system planets made of?

We Answered:

the sun – made mostly of hydrogen and helium

mercury, venus, earth, mars are all made of rocky minerals (too many to mention) they are called terrestrial planets because they have the same properties.

jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are all made of assorted gaseous clouds and possibly have rocky cores like other planets, they are called jovian planets.

Pluto is not a planet but a dwarf planet or a pluton and is the same as a jovian planet i believe.

meteors are made of rocky minerals and comets are mostly ice believe…

Katie Said:

What is the density of the solar system planets and satellites?

We Answered:

The link below has great overview info and statistics (including density) for all the planets, asteroids, comets, etc.

Check it out!