Build A Solar System

Don Said:

solar system project help?

We Answered:

The distances that the outer panets are from the sun are really huge compared to the distances of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, let alone the distances of the moons from their planets, so forget about being able to do this to the same scale.

I suggest you visit a college book store & find the different kinds of graph paper there is, such as polar graph paper, logarithmic, since you will need to apply a sliding scale.

Depending on your access to good computer software for drawing & hyper links, another approach might be to think of a map, where you click on a point on the map to blow up the details of what are there.

Many years ago, I designed a game, in which I addressed this scaling problem by using a combination of polar graph paper, and concentric circles, where the angular divisions of the circles were more further out.

First circle around the sun was empty.
Next was Mercury orbit, which had 3-4 sections.
Next was empty
Next was Venus, whose circular orbit was broken into a few more sections than Mercury.

The reason for this was at the end of every turn of the game, after everyone had moved their space ships (I was using different colored golf tees for different players space ships), the planets were moved one position on their orbital paths, so I had Mercury going around the sun faster than Venus & each planet on out going around the sun in more moves than the planets closer to the Sun.