Water Power Generator

Lucy Said:

has anyone built a hydrogen generatorfrom “bill power‘s” “run your car on water” plans??

We Answered:

bill is in jail with Dennis Lee and Paul Pantone for selling frauds. Just google those names and get the WHOLE story.

Jared Said:

what do you need to connect your generator to the power grid?

We Answered:

You need a reversible meter for the easy part. Disconnects for safety are also easy. The difficult part is the controller to make sure your power is in phase with and stays in phase with the grid power. If it isn’t in phase it is just a large load to the grid and things will fry very quickly.

Albert Said:

is it okay to spray water into the power generator‘s radiator when it really gets hot?

We Answered:

Probably not, but i’m sure ti would be a laugh if you tried it 🙂

Katrina Said:

Would a 1200 Watt portable generator power a 1500 Watt inline waterheater on a farm tractor?

We Answered:

No. You need a generator rated at least 20% higher than the load.

Yvonne Said:

Water Powered Generator?

We Answered:

Being in the future – what a wicked idea