Solar Powered Fairy Lights

Ben Said:

Help with a Fairy Deck please?

We Answered:

a fairy deck is not bad
archlord zerato and the support cards of sanctuary in the sky works well

why don’t you use your shinato?
its a nice card if you use it, add 3 manju the ten thousand hands
and 2 senju the thousand hands

you can get shinato quickly

add soul of purity and light

Cecil Said:

which yugioh deck to use and how to improve it (brief explanation attached)?

We Answered:

The first deck just looks like an assortment of random cards. Don’t use that one.

The second deck needs some work but has the potential to become a good Burn deck. Take that and change it up so that you have more cards that deal Direct Damage to your opponents and stall them.

Pedro Said:

rate my new yugioh decks i made?

We Answered:

there both good and i hate arcane force decks but your is solid i give it a 8.0 and the gladiator beast i give a 8.3 good luck and nice deck recipies

Leslie Said:

Can somebody help me construct a yugi-oh deck from these cards i need help?

We Answered:

There very good cards but you just have too many

Matthew Said:

Rate my Fairy Deck Please!?

We Answered:

You need a better fairy deck as in a better way of winning or so. I mean you have crap like silver bow and arrow and such. Your win condition seems to be random and such, your too into the theme.

I mean something better would be counter fairy’s or so.
Anyways, since they are mostly light types, adding 3 honest will help but this needs a better blah blah in this deck. Just plain fairies won’t work, well not in these conditions anyways.