Solar Battery Charger

Claire Said:

solar battery charger?

We Answered:

I would not say very well. Solar means it needs sunshine and about 8 to 10 hours. Can you extend the wire and place the panel up high or out further into the sun. We have solar fence chargers and they work 21 days without sun when fully charged. But do not draw the amp that you do. You can’t use an electric charging system?

Brandy Said:

Is there such a thing as a solar battery charger for digital cameras?

We Answered:

Yes, there is such a thing.

Most such chargers output 12 volts, so you’ll need a charger that can accept a 12 volt input.

Generally speaking, what works is having a cigarette lighter output on the solar charger, then devices that use cigarette lighter adapters, such as for MP3 players, some AA battery chargerscell phones, etc.

Try a Brunton Solar Roll 14.

Here’s an article on charging in the Wild:

Byron Said:

How to test a 12V Solar Battery Charger?

We Answered:

use a multimeter…or at a push an low powerd LED.

Fred Said:

do you use regular batteries in a solar powered battery charger or do you use solar powered batteries?

We Answered:

Rechargeable batteries either nicad or NiMH (or lead acid / lead calcium for the really big panels)

Cassandra Said:

How long can you leave a solar battery charger hooked up to your auto?

We Answered:

Its likely that you battery may just need to be replaced. Your battery should always start unless its been two months or more. If you battery was dead for a long period of time it may have sulfated in which case it will probably be cheapest to just replace it.

It may also be that your alternator is not charging it up. You can take it to a shop and see or you can measure the voltage with a cheep multimeter. It should be at or above 14v when the car is running(if not bad alternator) and 12.5v and above when the car is off( if not bad battery).

solar charger is a good idea to make sure your battery stays topped of and never stays dead for a long time. A solar charger that costs less than $100 is not going to hurt your battery. Its power output is useful, but small compared to one that you plug into the wall. I wired a 15watt one into my old car permanently, it works great.

Janice Said:

Which wire of this solar battery charger attaches of the positive post?

We Answered:

Yes…the white stripe wire is the positive…the solid black is the negative….

Laurie Said:

is there a solar battery charger for nimh battery?

We Answered:

Sunpak Solar Flashlight 1350mAh and USB NiMH Battery Charger on Amazon