Make A Solar

Hazel Said:

How can I make solar cookers better?

We Answered:

Any way to increase the sun capture area and increase the insulation will be a benefit.

I think it would be cool if someone tried to make a solar cooker that directed light into the top of a thermos. Probably need to make a glass cover for it, but it would hold its heat really well.

Best of luck to you!

Jeanne Said:

How can you make solar nails shiny again?

We Answered:

remove the clear coat with polish remover. then buff your nails with a square buffer. (make sure the buffer is not too rough.)

Brad Said:

I have an idea to make solar oil heater how can I get financial help for RND?

We Answered:

If it does not involve very huge financial help any bank can help but ONLY against some security.
You can also approach Govt. Agencies who are involved in Alternative source of energy. It will involve lots of correspondence and consume lot of time.
The biggest problem in this case is that you want money for RND for a purpose result of which is unknown.
Please also try selling your idea to NGOs. With internet and addresses of most of the agencies readily available the correspondence with such agencies is just a click away
Good luck