12v Solar Panel

Bruce Said:

12v about 600ma Solar Panel?

We Answered:

Here’s one that is close to what you are looking for:

Penny Said:

I need something more than a 12V battery for my solar panel…What other options do I have?

We Answered:

First of all your 12v panels normally do put out more than 12v, and can put out around 18v-20v. These panels are whats needed, and do well on cloudy days. If you want to run all these devices you will need more watts to keep a steady flow. One small panel will not be enough to operate all those devices.
A charge controller will keep your batteries from overcharging, and a good charge controller will keep the voltage around 14.2 volts, and kicks on at around 13v.
If you have enough batteries supplying the amps, you can run those things for a while with no problem. I run things during the day while the panels are charging my batteries so using the free power during the sunny days works out very well. You are limited on power usage during the night. If you have the right inverter you can run many things during the day hours as long as your panel has enough wattage to support them charging the batteries the same time. If you have the right type of charge controller it will let you know where you stand as far as how much power is left in your battery, and how long it will take to give it a full charge. If you allow your battery to drop below 10v to often you could in time damage your battery, and it may not hold a charge as before. A deep cycle battery will make a whole lot of difference.
Xbox and video games can consume a fairly large amount of power from your battery depending the wattage of the power supply. If you have a good inverter it should shut down automatically if the battery gets too low saving your battery giving out a siren sound.
You need more panels then batteries if you want to use the power during the day time, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a few extra batteries as well. You need more then one battery if you plan on using power inverters for long periods of time. The more batteries you have the longer it will take for your solar panel to charge them.

Sue Said:

can i use a 22v solar panel to charge 12v battery?

We Answered:

It depends what that 21.6V is, does it say Voc or Vmp? If so, it is most likely a “nominal” 12V panel. A nominal 12V battery when full is probably around 14.4V. They call them all 12V to show that they all will work together, not that it is their actual voltage. It’s like Garanimal clothes, all of the giraffes match ; )

Power (watts (W)) = volts (V) x amps (A) Depending on the charge controller, if the volts go down, the current goes up, so the watts stay the same.

If you connect the batteries in series to make 24V, you need to connect the panels in series too to make 43.2V. The panel voltage has to be higher than the battery.

Gilbert Said:

12v 2.4w solar panel increase voltage?

We Answered:

now; if you had ten panels!!!!!?

Phillip Said:

How long it will take 50Watts Solar panel to fill up Battery of 12V and 20Ah?

We Answered:

Nasim is mostly correct, but he made some assumptions.

first, that the sun is shining brightly on the panel and there are no obstructions. The panel has to be perpendicular to the sun, and the panel has to be adjusted to keep it that way as the sun moves across the sky.

second, that the output of the panel is perfectly matched to the battery. In this case, you will need a 50 w solar panel that will deliver 14 volts at 3.5 amps. A 12 volt battery needs to be supplied with 14 volts before it will charge.

third, that the battery is perfect and ideal.

20 amp hours / 3.5 amps = 5.7 hours. at best. I’d hope for 8 hours at best.