Solar Panels India

Marvin Said:

where to find nano solar panels in india?

We Answered:

To my knowledge, Nano Solar Cells are not available in the market, anywhere in the World, except probably for experimentation.

Jon Said:

How much solar panels would be needed to fulfill the complete electricity requirements of my house?

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I’d suggest checking out…

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Bernard Said:

Solar panels in india mumbai is it a durable and effective alternate energy and which companies provide them?

We Answered:

Solar panels are durable in that unless you’ve got a hail storm, you’ve got a pretty good energy source.

The problem with them is that they are not very efficient – they typically convert only 15% of the energy to electricity, which means you would need a huge panel (or a large number of panels) to replace your existing power source.

The batteries could work out as the most expensive part of maintaining them.

I’m not sure about firms in Mumbai, but I do have a visiting card from a firm in Hyderabad.

Geraldine Said:

Where can one buy solar panels in India? Which are the various producers/suppliers & the range of these panels

We Answered:


The following web site has suppliers for India:…

In the US, the electric utilities compensate individuals who connect up their panels to the electric grid through an inverter/controller. The compensation is generous and eliminates the need for battery packs which can be a very expensive part of the installation. If you cannot connect your power to the grid, then you will need to store the power. Most often this is through battery packs. You will need to purchase a controller to adjust output so the batteries can be charged at a higher voltage.

If you buy an inverter, you can convert the DC from batters to AC power, however, since your need is for lighting, I’d suggest that you use lights that are directly connected to your batteries. Your choice of voltage could be any standard, however, if the wiring is of any significant distances, you will want to choose a high voltage system to reduce the cost of wire.

For specifics, I’d ask your vendor to provide information specific to the panels that you purchase.