Solar Panel Wind Turbine

Eduardo Said:

I am trying to go GREEN! can someone please tell me how to make a solarpanel/wind turbine?

We Answered:

There are several excellent BOOKS on this subject… none are cheap and none are online.

This is a MUCH MORE INVOLVED question than there is space in Answers to give you a decent explanation… BUY A BOOK ON LIVING ON 12 VOLTS… that will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about it.

Ken Said:

how can i make solar panel and wind turbine?

We Answered:

solar panels require advanced technical skills, and very expensive materials in order to manufacture them, wind turbines though not that complicated to build are still no piece of cake. Here’s one illustrative article if interested http://renewableenergyarticles.blogspot.…

Marsha Said:

wind turbine …&solar panel?

We Answered:

You need some electronics between your wind turbine and the batteries. Most of the small wind generators already include some, see…

Moreover, if you want to obtain AC current from your batteries, you will need an inverter. A cheap one if you just want to plug in some appliances, a more sophisticated and expensive one if you want to connect your wind generator to the power grid and sell power back into the grid.…