Solar Panel Camping

Beverly Said:

Can I camp on your roof,I just need to hug a solar panel for awhile?

We Answered:

Sure but mine are in the back yard. Would be a lot safer.

Vanessa Said:


We Answered:

She’s bored.

She needs a couple of walks a day. At least 20-30 minutes each and longer if possible.

Give her many different toys although since she likes to destroy things stick to the stronger toys like kongs. Kongs are also good because you can put stuff in them to help keep her busy. Go to the pet store and tell them you want some strong toys. They’ll be able to help you out.

The digging is harder to control. Some dogs really like to dig. My suggestion is to either mark an area of the yard she is allowed to dig in and teach her to dig there only; or give her a sandbox she can dig in. Most dogs that like to dig won’t stop so you’ll probably have to provide an outlet for that.

She may calm down with the chewing and the digging if you exercise her enough.

Wilma Said:

questions about building a solar powered water heater for a science project!?

We Answered:

You won’t be buying the panel because anything manufactured is going to be too big. If it going to be for camping then it can’t involve a pump or batteries as being too heavy. The best answer would be coils of copper tubing soldered to a copper plate and painted black and two containers (plastic bags?) connected by flexible hose so you could raise one and cause water to flow through the panel to the other. That would be moderately heavy. So for your project you might look for aluminum tubing and sheet and see how to attach the tubing to the sheet (soldering works badly on aluminum) that will conduct heat from the sheet to the tubing (some glues insulate, almost all are poor conductors)
Or you might see what happens if you just take two black plastic sheets and either heat seal lines so water poured in the stop has to wander back and forth to get out, taking heat from the sun as it goes or plastic tubing inside the sheets doing the same. Less efficient that metal but easier to carry and less weight.