Solar Collector Panels

Patrick Said:

This refers to passive solar collector?

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in simple language for normal people its called solar heater so u should have also mentioned this name in order to get more answers..
Absorbers are usually black, as dark surfaces demonstrate a particularly high degree of light absorption. The level of absorption indicates the amount of short-wave solar radiation being absorbed that means not being reflected. As the absorber warms up to a temperature higher than the ambient temperature, it gives off a great part of the accumulated solar energy in form of long-wave heat rays. The ratio of absorbed energy to emitted heat is indicated by the degree of emission.In order to reduce energy loss through heat emission, the most efficient absorbers have a selective surface coating. This coating enables the conversion of a high proportion of the solar radiation into heat, simultaneously reducing the emission of heat.

The usual coatings provide a degree of absorption of over 90%. Solar paints which can be mechanically applied to the absorbers (with either brushes or sprays), are less or not at all selective, as they have a high level of emission. Galvanically applied selective coatings include black chrome, black nickel, and aluminum oxide with nickel. Relatively new is a titanium-nitride-oxide layer, which is applied via steam in a vacuum process. This type of coating stands out not only because of its quite low emission rates, but also because its production is emission-free and energy-efficient.
A flat-plate collector consists of an absorber, a transparent cover, a frame, and insulation. Usually an iron-poor solar safety glass is used as a transparent cover, as it transmits a great amount of the short-wave light spectrum.

Simultaneously, only very little of the heat emitted by the absorber escapes the cover (greenhouse effect).

In addition, the transparent cover prevents wind and breezes from carrying the collected heat away (convection). Together with the frame, the cover protects the absorber from adverse weather conditions. Typical frame materials include aluminum and galvanized steel; sometimes fiberglass-reinforced plastic is used.
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Alicia Said:

where can I find a small DC to AC transformer to convert lights for use with solar panels?

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Here is a top of the line brand for about 30 bucks.

They are everywhere and of hundreds of brands. Cheapies to high dollar brands. I have bought a few of the cheap inverters before for about the same price as the good brand names. I really think you should get a little better brand then a walmart or kmart brand. Or you will just be buying a new one every few months to replace the cheapie that just quit working like a light bulb that burnt out with no warning.

Ruby Said:

What material to construct the most heat-absorbing solar collector(panel)? Help please.?

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Parabolic mirror with the water in the focal point