Silicon In Solar Panels

Sean Said:

Does silicon used in solar panels need to be 99% pure?

We Answered:

When poly silicon is processed into ingots for wafers for solar panels, the caron level is the critical conponent. Crystal structure and carbon level are the keys. The purity is very important, but there are normally some impurities.

I work for a company the grow ingots from poly silicon for the solar industry. Casn’t make them fast enough to meet demand.

Neil Said:

i want to get a small solar panel i.e silicon panel?

We Answered:

I have been doing a lot of research into solar collectors recently. But my interest is in solar thermal collectors as they seem far more efficient, especially with the new vacuum tube models. But you may have an interest in Solar electric panels

Solar thermal also can produce electricity but with the lower technical requirements of solar rays focused on a linear collector by mirrors. The system can get hot enough to produce steam which can then power a steam engine that runs a generator.

Unfortunately, I am neither nearby nor in a position to suggest a place of purchase for the higher tech. solar electric collectors.

Louis Said:

Is the silicon shortage in the solar panels sector only temporary?

We Answered:

Do you have a billion to build one?

Clifford Said:

is it possible to bring electricity from space as there is 24 hours solar light?

We Answered:

There are two theories for utilizing space to solve the energy problem. They both involve the moon. The first is to construct a solar array on the moon and beam that energy back to earth on microwaves. The second if using something called Helium6. Helium6 is a heavier form of Helium that cannot be found on our planet but is produced by the sun and saturates the moon. Our atmosphere will not allow it to be used. Helium6 is the element they are experimenting with for cold fusion, which is where two atoms join and produce about as much energy as the sun for a brief period of time. This can only happen in the right atmosphere, and Helium6 is that atmosphere. The ethical dilemma is that we’d have to mine it from the rocks and surface of the moon, changing it’s shape and appearance.

Nancy Said:

is it possible to use human hair as a substitute for silicon in solarpanels……?

We Answered:

Though human hair cannot be used to produce electricity, it can surely be used a semi-conducting element in solar panels. The research was carried out by the IPCC in 2008