Silicon For Solar Panels

Loretta Said:

Catchy science fair title for solarpanels?

We Answered:

sunny ambitions : who reflects more of our mister sun?

i think thats a little catchy =D

Danny Said:

Why is silicon so suitable for making solar panel?

We Answered:

Silicon is a semiconductor, which means it is a material whose electrical properties fall between an insulator and a conductor, and the resistance can be varied using various means. It remains a semiconductor at higher temperatures than other elements (such as germanium), so it can withstand intense sunlight and being baked all day in the sun. It also has a number of relatively loosely bound electrons in its outer electron shell that can be knocked loose by photons of sunlight, so exposure to bright light can cause an electric current to be generated if the silicon is sandwiched between protective layers and engineered with a path for current to flow to.