Solar Powered Lights

Claudia Said:

Solar powered lights?

We Answered:

yes bring them in

Velma Said:

What are your biggest questions about using or buying solar powered lights?

We Answered:

How long does it take to “charge up” the solar lights with sunshine before they can be used productively or effectively.

Don Said:

why dont my kingfisher platinum stainless steel solar powered lights work anymore? they’ve had plenty of sun?

We Answered:

Every now and again, I have to clean the solar eye. Mine garden lights get hit by the automatic sprinklers and the mineral deposits build up on the solar cells that are on the top which then attracts dust in the air creating a film. Once I wipe off the top they are able to get enough light during the day to light the way to my door at night. Try wiping off the solar panel early in the day to see if that was the problem.

Wendy Said:

Solar powered lights that go with plants (I saw at Home Depot/Wal-Mart) do they work? how long do they last

We Answered:

The price you are quoting seems rather low, and I wouldn’t expect much of them since I have used more expensive models that barely last 2 hours in a full charge, and give extremely poor light. But that is my experience with one particular model and brand, and I suppose that as with anything there must be wide performance and quality variations between brands.

Those type of light are designed for convenience as they don’t need wiring, but keep in mind that the batteries they use will last a year or two at best, and the manufacturing process of that type of batteries uses toxic metals that although recyclable, will most likely offset any environmental benefit of using solar powered garden lights.