Solar Landscaping Lights

Leona Said:

how long does it take for batteries to charge in solar lights?

We Answered:

3 = 4 hourss

Felicia Said:

Are solar landscaping lights any good?

We Answered:

I bought the cheapest I could find, four in a set over a year ago. Those dang things are still working. All my neighbors now have them too. They arent real bright, but good enough.

Joann Said:

I’m looking for solar flood lights for landscaping. Any brand recommendations?

We Answered:

Solar lights are no good! Every brand and type I have seen fall apart and stop working after one season. But if you have to use them, buy the least expensive so you can buy new ones when they break.

Sidney Said:

Do solar landscape lights have an on/off switch?

We Answered:

you can find some with an on/off switch but a majority of them don’t. I think you’ll find that the ones with a switch will be just a bit higher in price. All solar lights do have a photo cell though, when the sun sets the lights will turn on the light for as long as the batteries have enough power to run them.

I think it’s a shame that more people don’t use the better quality hard wired landscape lights. The light out put is so much better and if you notice the color of the LED light dulls and changes the color of what ever it is trying to light (usually only a 1 foot circle around the light fixture). It’s more of an illusion of light, you can see the light is on but they don’t really light anything.

Well, best of luck

Erik Said:

Can you leave so Solar Lights for landscaping out all year round, even in the winter?

We Answered:

We leave our solar lights out year around. Because there is more night and less sun, they do not stay lit all night long in the winter. The cold temps have not hurt them, but we live in Oklahoma and it does not get as cold here as it does up north.

Loretta Said:

solar landscape light malibu.How to charge the battery?

We Answered:

Im not sure I would go through the trouble plus I don’t know if they are made to be put in a recharger. You can bring them in the house under the light and they should recharge. This is going to happen on many cloudy days too. Welcome to solar lighting.