Solar Wind Power

Theresa Said:

What is your opinion on wind and solarpower?

We Answered:

It is too bad that they have not been developed to their capacity. It is a concept whose time has come. Nuclear energy should be another alternative to fossil fuels, however too many crazies block that. But we need to cut our independence to oil so that the oil company’s do no have such a death grip on us.

Ben Said:

Which companies are the vanguards of the solar powerwind power and biodiesel industries?

We Answered:

I guess it depends on whether you are talking about the manufacturer or the sales/install side. We utilize schueco technology: They are very impressive!

We have a really good white paper on our website to describe the different solar Technologies:

Lester Said:

how do i go about selling land for solar or wind power?

We Answered:

coldfuse is right.
there might not be a HOA, but you’d have to go through the planning commission.
they’re elected.
and you likely didn’t contribute majorly to their campaigns last year.

Charles Said:

How is solar power,wind power and geothermal energy used to generate electricity?

We Answered:

Wind Turbines are rotating with the force of wind and the generators convert the kinetic energy to electrical energy,

With the geothermal energy the hot geothermal liquid is used to produce hot steam and steam rotates the turbines and then again kinetic energy is converted to electricity.

I’ve written few articles on that subject, just check them if you need more info.