Home Solar Panel

Tracey Said:

how do i build a solar electric panelfor my home?

We Answered:

Dear Matadora,
Very good, good, good step to change your home electric supply to solar cell, because in long run, solar cell is cheaper. First you have to consider Power need for your house, eg. 1200W, then you go to sellers and choose one with lowest price but best quality. After that you should assemble/attach your solar panel in place that gets most Sunlight, most probably in your roof. Attach them tightly, avoid burglar. Original solar cell current is DC. Current from solar cell placed first in several car batteries, so you could use electricity in night either. After that if your home appliances use DC, you could directly connect your appliances to batteries. But if your appliances need AC, current should be converted first from DC to AC use DC to AC converter. Car battery used to have 12 Volt DC. So if you need 220VAC, after DC converted into AC, then passed through transformer to increase voltage.
Thank you very much Matadora.

Dennis Said:

Who out there has a home solar panel system and can give any pro’s or con’s?

We Answered:

If your system is efficient enough and you have extra power you can charge the power company
Free power

if you live where it is cloudy or rainy or under trees it won’t produce that much wattage.

Dawn Said:

If I were to install a solar panel to my home. How much would my energy bill go down?

We Answered:

If you get a big enough solar panel, or even 2 or 3, depending on your energy consumption, your bill can go down to practically nothing. Better yet, if you make more power than you use, that power gets sold to the city and you could actually get a bill that is giving YOU money.

Can’t tell you any specifics, but there is a project just outside my city I worked on, the whole community has solar panels all over the garage roofs (about 3 or 4 for each house) and an additional panel or 2 on the house itself. These panels power a hot water system that heats the house as well. It’s a really great idea that will save you tonnes of money, and probably make you money. Contact some local HVAC companies to see what they have to say. Consultations are always free!