Home Solar Generators

Dave Said:

Looking for a portable solar powered generator for home, thoughts on good options?

We Answered:

Now you know why the public utilities burn fossil fuel.

Ronald Said:

if i buy land in CA with only a well and then place a solar trailer-home on it, could i reappraise it for?

We Answered:

Considerable Less, banks will give out short term loans on trailers on land. Since it can be moved at any time. Hince the words mobile home.
home improvements, building a new home, Additions would be better suited for a loan from the bank. And will bring more value to you.

Victor Said:

How come the use of solar energy in sunny California is not that common as in many parts of the world?

We Answered:

Go rent a movie called Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room

Danny Said:

If an upper class home in Haiti has one or more generators for electricity, what about a small retail store?

We Answered:

My next door neighbors are from there and recently returned.

There is no where safe in Haiti.

That is the UN at work.


My friend. The UN does nothing. My neighbors went back for her moms funeral. They had to wait until the day of the funeral to tell friends and then the did it at night because otherwise they would have been robbed.

Your generator wouldn’t be there a day before it was stolen and sold.

The UN is there as a token to say they do something. The armed drug lords are better armed then they are. Children have been raped in front of the soldiers and they do nothing because that is not part of their mandate.

This is the UN that never is talked about. It’s a joke and a farce.