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Marilyn Said:

Elton John claims Jesus was gay. Has the “queer power” movement gone too far?

We Answered:

Feminists claimed Jesus was a feminist.
Black Nationalists claim he was black.
Everyone wants a part of Jesus.

Christy Said:

What is implied by the following US Bankers Magazine article excerpt:?

We Answered:

The Golden Rule… He who has the gold, makes the rules.

Control of the money supply means control of all it touches, i.e a mortgage on a house means the bank owns the deeds till all of the capital and interest is repaid. Interest rate goes up, you miss a payment, bank forecloses – they own the house.
Not a bad profit for a bit of bookkeeping.
The date of the article is interesting… as mass foreclosures happened in the great depression… banks made a killing off the back of people losing thier job.

As for the politics… what has more influence on your daily life… the slightly left/slightly right party in government, or how much money you have left to spend after the rent/mortgage/expenses?

Brilliant excerpt, well found.

Dwight Said:

Time Magazine Features Britain’s Violent Youth…?

We Answered:

I have come to learn over the years never to trust UK.gov statistics. It’s easy to fiddle the figures collected on any subject and make them look ‘good’.

Take for example the murder rate in UK. In order for the UK.gov to reduce the apparent murder rate, all they need do is classify more ‘murders’ under the alternative to murder, which is, ‘man slaughter’.

So, in a year when there are say, 2,500 murders, the UK.gov can easily reduce this embarrassing figure by simply saying that 1,000 of these ‘murders’ were in fact, man-slaughter. Bingo, we now have an annual murder rate of 1,500 which looks a lot better than the original 2,500.

The answer to out of control teenage boys, is to get on top of them before they get on top of us.

I’m not an expert, but I know one thing for sure and that is, “Spare the rod and spoil the child”. I’m only going to say this. When a school teacher ‘asks’ a child to stop doing something which is wrong and when that child refuses, there is nothing the teacher can do about it.

When I was at school here in UK in the 1940s and 1950s, the teachers had complete control of any situation and any boy foolish enough not to obey a command got the cane.

Okay, I can see the reaction to that, especially coming from the left field. Horror stories abound. I’ll put it like this. I’m 66 and know what I’m talking about. When I was a child no child ever murdered another child. Now it seems to happen as thought it were somehow normal. It is not normal. It is abnormal.

Time to reintroduce the cane in schools. Teachers who do not like this idea can spend time arguing, but if they cannot come up with a solution to our problem, then cane it is.

In British life of my childhood, children were never left to their own devices. There were always adults present. Kids did lots more games and sports back then.

Teenagers, especially boys, need to be kept occupied and allowed to burn off energy in a safe and controlled manner. Boxing, soccer, hockey, basketball etc.

It’s so simple. Every boy who spends at least one evening per week playing games etc., gets a certificate after five years. Not a certificate for ‘winning’ anything, but for having been a member of a club where games take place under adult supervision. This certificate goes on the boy’s CV and employers are encouraged to seek out boys of this type.

The truth is that the vast majority of teenage boys do not belong to gangs. Some even belong to scout groups.

Clayton Said:

What is the best air soft gun?

We Answered:

There is no BEST airsoft gun. Anyone who tells you differently is wrong. For ever situation, there’s a gun that excels in its category. But as some general guidelines… Do not buy Classic Army/CA. They are cheap and often break. Do not buy a Tokyo Marui. IMO, there are guns that have better quality for a fraction of TM’s price. If you need a close quarter weapon, pick up an MP5 of some kind, preferrably over 100 dollars. For long range, an M14 sniper rifle, either AEG or spring, is recommended. Good luck.

Dora Said:

Photo Lighting at home for professional quality?

We Answered:

Actually you should have at least 2 lights. A main light and a fill light. The main should be at a 45 degree angle to the subject and about 3 feet higher than the camera. The fill should be right next to the camera at the same height as the camera. You want a 1 to 3 lighting ratio. That set up will give you pro results.

Peggy Said:

What can I do if I purchase a laptop from a store get home and the laptop is not in the box?

We Answered:

I would get the police involved, It seems that the computer store has a problem with stealing, May be the police can fingerprint the magazine and the manual and see which employee took the laptop.

By all means go back to the store and complain. They may think you took the laptop, that is why you need to get the police involved so they do not think you did.

Always check purchases that are in boxes especially electrical equipment before you leave the store.

Also never buy anything without looking at it before you leave the store, this way you can be aware that your purchase is ok before you leave so you do not have to make a trip back to return it.

I do not think anyone will call the police so that they personally will get locked up.

Micheal Said:

Time Magazine‘s “What Women Want Now” article and a few polls?

We Answered:

so you believe Time magazine? Oh wait, you’re 15, I remember thinking that those kind of magazines were real. Remember, the bottom line is readership, which equals money. Did you know that most newschannels and magazines are directed at 12 year olds. It is for branding reasons, the owners want to establish life long readership. They don’t do that by alienating potentially half of the readership, and I am only guessing that readership is half female, maybe it’s more females that read Time.

Are they lying, no, but are they telling the whole story? I choose to be a little bit (actually a lot) more suspicious of a magazine that is very well rooted in the establishment. Lastly, how in the world, is a stay at home parent negative for society? Do you realize how much money a family saves by having someone do that full time job? How much you save on food, childcare, taxes. So in that sense it is bad for society, the economic part, but what about the rest? For them, it’s all about money, but for the rest of us (at least I hope so), money isn’t everything.