Flexible Solar Panels

Francis Said:

where can i find solar pane,panels.?

We Answered:

go to local hardware stores, some sell somewhat cheap 45w pv panels.

Frederick Said:

Hello I am looking to build a circuit that can solar charge many 12v batteries.?

We Answered:

This is a typical installation for an off grid solar energy system. You can find an example below:


Martin Said:

are flexible solar panels possible?

We Answered:

Of Coarse! In fact flexible solar panels have already been invented. Ever hear of a solar panel shirt? Instead of the standard crystalline silicon cell these new solar panels use a flexible polymorphous silicon cell to pull in power from the sun’s rays. They can be placed on clothing, cell phones, and virtually anything else.

Dwight Said:

solar panels?

We Answered:

For part a) you don’t need to build one because they are already made. http://store.oynot.com/Portable-Energy-S… .

Part b) I have solar panels hooked to a backup battery system and it works great. When the power goes off mine don’t. Look on the same site as above or http://www.oynot.com for information on how to hooke it up your self. It is a DIY site.

Derrick Said:

do solar panels have to be fixed and solid or it possible to make a flexible light weight one?

We Answered:

They can be flexible. They have a new kind that hasn’t been put into commercial use yet that you can PAINT on. They think one day you’ll be able to print them off your computer with a standard printer and then tape the page up wherever you want.

Edgar Said:

flexible solar panel cut?

We Answered:

Like the rubberized panels? No, if you cut it, you’ll ruin it. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are still individual elements wired together in a flexible panel.

If you were manufacturing a product, the panel could be manufactured to the shape you specify.