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Evelyn Said:

Would it be feasible to use SolarEnergy to heat your home?

We Answered:

Define feasible? It’s POSSIBLE, but it’s not easy for the average person because it requires major installations that are very expensive.

Solar Energy from normal panels creates electricity, but heating a home isn’t done with electricity. Heat in homes comes from burning gas. Instead of regular panels, there are “hot water panels” where the panels are filled with water (instead of with silicon) and are heated by the sun. Then it goes through a system in the flooring, releasing the heat and warming the house as the heat rises.

Again, extremely expensive and not feasible at current prices for the average person.

Nicholas Said:

Solar Energy Amount Needed For Modular Home?

We Answered:

More information is necessary to calculate your energy needs accurately. Such info is not just the amount of power you will require for your heating/cooling and all appliances but also the climate/terrain/weather patterns, location and shading of the house, etc.

Allan Said:

I am thinking of adding solar energy to my home, where can I find sound advice and reasonable priced product.?

We Answered:

a while ago i was also intersted in building a solar system at my place and in this regard i collected some very useful info, basic solar energy concepts to detailed solar system formation and installation, which i have published on this site FreeSolarOnline you can go there and check it out hope you gonna find it useful

Shawn Said:

Can solar energy power a home air conditioner?

We Answered:

Hi!My name is Rene Paley.I’m a environmentalist.
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