Design Solar Power System

Robert Said:

Gear system design help?

We Answered:

I wish i could help you, but i guess this type of problems is found intensively in machine design books. You may read the solved examples on the relevant chapter (as i usually do) then you’ll find everything a piece of cake !

Good Luck,

Perry Said:

what happens when Solar Space Power satellite experience some kind of solar eclipse?

We Answered:

They would go onto battery power when they are in eclipse if necessary. You do realize that there are no SPS satellites in orbit yet, don’t you?…

Annie Said:

Solar power,using garen lights?

We Answered:

The panels in garden lights are only good for powering 1 LED and not all that brightly either. So I suppose you could get the panels from a dozen lights, put them together in 1 largish panel that could go outside and run a cable through to a few batteries inside you could use to power a dozen LEDs, but why bother?

You’re talking about running cables everywhere for something that isn’t even a suitable source of light. The amount of energy you’d make by doing that for a whole day would be the same as the amount you’d save by turning off a light bulb for several seconds.

Andre Said:

Solar power for concerts.?

We Answered:

You would need photovoltaic arrays for this and while you may be able to get enough power for the speakers during daylight I doubt that they would be big enough for storage and supply at night.These things are still only about 20% efficient at most and when you add in a 50% efficiency on storage batteries you are down to 10% overall, not counting losses in the inverter to get you to ac from dc.

Melanie Said:

Will wind go the way of corn ethanol?

We Answered:

Even fossil fuels have problems. Where do you live? we lose our
power every time the wind blows to hard. Nothing can be 100 percent
fool proof. And so what. I was raised on kerosene lamps and out door
privies. Never hurt me none. And no dam telephones driving me crazy.
Come on kids it ain’t all bad you got TV to squat in front of and waste
your life listing to freaks all day. What more do you want.Hell believe
all they have to tell you about everything going on. That’s the easy thing to do.Let someone else worry about the outside world. You may
not wake up some morning.GET EDUCATED. Peace