Commercial Solar Power

Katherine Said:

Homework help..?

We Answered:

B. 75%

Only coal, gas, and natural gas come from carbon-based fossil fuels.
Biomass would be tree wood, crops, manure. These might be carbon-based but they are not fossil-derived.
Nuclear doesnt come from fossil fuels.
Water power doesn’t come from fossil fuels and doesn’t come from carbon.

Aaron Said:

gravity propelled vehicle.?

We Answered:

Well the only gravity propelled vehicle I know of is one that goes down. Consider maybe tossing a rock or something heavy off of a high area attached to an elastic band. At that point it could go down, up, and then down again. Oh well i guess centrifugal force would be classified under gravity. You could spin something around on a string and let go. And as for the pods, you could make it look like a bolo.

Ted Said:

The question is why do we need to drill at all?

We Answered:

There you go making sense again. Unfortunately, you will have to write slower so that all of the Anwar proponents can keep up.
They argue we don’t have alternative energy readily available, which actually answers the FKIN question! WHY DON”T WE!!
By the time we start drilling in all of these places and actually getting oil out of the ground and using it… we could have weened ourselves mostly off oil already….GEESH!