Build A Solar

Joy Said:

Looking for websites on how to build aSolar Panel?

We Answered:

In commercial manufacturing, they take a silicon wafer and etch the surface with a chemical. There are also commercial panels that are created by crystallizing the surface on to the wafer.

Here website that makes a panel by an entirely different process. Probably not as efficient, but interesting never the less.

Andre Said:

Will Joe the Plumber build Solar Panels now?

We Answered:

To get our country out of this mess, we need everybody to pitch in, and Joe is as welcome as anyone else.

James Said:

How do I get Inverter Circuit? How do I build Solar Cells?

We Answered:

Get someone esle to do the damn dirty work for you!

Leon Said:

How to build solar cell from scratch.?

We Answered:

Here’s one guy who did it.

Here’s another:

Here’s another idea:

From here, either pick one of the above, or google around with different key words:


Agnes Said:

How to Build A Solar Cell?

We Answered:

This are things you could build.