Alternative Energy Home

Geraldine Said:

How do I build home alternativeenergy sources utilizing wood?

We Answered:

There’s a reason we don’t use wood as a main source of power anymore. It burns too quickly and doesn’t produce enough power to generate useful ammounts of electricity. If you go solar though, you can take a large dent out of your electricity bill, but it’s very hard to be completely grid independant. This site may helpful for you

Phyllis Said:

wher can I find information on govermental funding for alternativeenergy in the home?

We Answered:

Lots of information here.

Bernice Said:

How can I use alternative energy at my home instead of mains electricity?

We Answered:

Going Solar Electric would be one way to go. You won’t save money, even in the long run, because the panels need periodic replacing. You’d need to justify it on another basis (freedom from blackouts, education, greenie good-feels, etc.).

Vera Said:

Looking for an alternative energy source for my home.?

We Answered:

Well many people may say solar panels, but they are VERY expensive. If you got the dough, virginia is a good place for them (I’d know, i lived in that area). Maybe you could set up a small windmill. Not like a 100ft mass city power one, i mean something smaller (no that’s not what she said). Just trying to help. Good karma be with you 🙂

Eduardo Said:

Would you prefer to live in an Alternative Energy Home or Traditional Home?

We Answered:

If the cost were acceptable I would prefer alternative energy hands down. The only problem is a system that would power all your needs costs more than you would ever save [in costs, not carbon]

If your interest in totally Enviro friendly setups look at this

It has a link to the floor plan of George Bush’s Texas ranch and what it contains. I guess he could afford it….

Danielle Said:

For alternative energy in my home, can i use the inverter power to supply power to the battery charger?

We Answered:

Yes, you can power the battery charger from the inverter. And it will appear to work for a while. People actually do this, and are mystified when the battery runs down.

Our basic understanding of thermodynamics is that energy is conserved. Both the inverter and charger generate heat. Thus, you will actually run down the battery by charging it, because the inverter uses more power than the charger puts out. The power lost comes out mostly as heat.

Thus, for alternative energy, you need an energy source to charge your battery.

So, no, you won’t have continuous power by hooking the battery charger to the inverter, you will get a dead battery.