Uses Of Solar Energy

Solar energy is actually something very special. The sun that shines on solar panels can provide energy for an entire household, but the sun that shines on your skin can provide your whole body with energy and activity. Have you ever thought about this? You can compare your body to a house and your skin can be compared to solar panels that absorb this heat. Solar panels convert this heat into energy and electricity. Cells on your skin absorb sunlight and your body converts it into vitamin D; the vitamin that is incredibly important for your body and mind.

The sun is always there

Solar energy is infinitely available. Even though there are sometimes clouds in front of the sun; the sun is always there. It is an inexhaustible source of energy that is also very important for our body and mind. How does that work exactly? Sunlight contains ultraviolet B radiation, also called UV-B radiation. This radiation touches our skin and a chemical process in our body converts the UV-B radiation and releases it to our blood. Then it ends up in our liver where it is converted and sent on to our kidneys. The last chemical process takes place in our kidneys, producing the active form of vitamin D.

Why is vitamin D so important?

Do you also feel happier when the sun is shining? Do you suddenly have more energy and want to do things? This is not strange at all and even has a scientific explanation. Vitamin D is important for everyone. It has a positive effect on body and mind. For example, research shows that vitamin D has an effect on our hormone system. The sun causes our hormone system to produce the substance endorphins, also known as ‘the happiness hormone’. This substance is also produced during sex or if you eat something very tasty. So we get that feeling of happiness and euphoria even when we are in the sun!

Spring jitters by the sun

Do you sometimes suffer from spring jitters? Do you get that euphoric feeling when the spring sun suddenly starts to shine again? This even has a scientific reason. Research has shown that the sun influences your sex hormones. For example, a man’s testosterone level can be increased by around 30% due to the sun’s radiation. Not so strange that people fall in love more often during the spring months!

The sun has a positive effect on your mental state. The substance endorphins makes you feel happy, but it also makes you less likely to get depressed. That is why solar energy also has a natural antidepressant effect.

Solar energy promotes your memory

The sun’s rays also have a positive effect on your body. It promotes your immune system, because more white blood cells are produced that protect the body against viruses and bacteria. So if you are often sick, sit more in the sun! Vitamin D is also very important for the production of your bone tissue. The heat of the sun reduces the pain in rheumatism and other muscle diseases. It dilates your blood vessels and this stimulates the circulation of your muscles. The warmth of the sun also ensures that your muscles can relax. Finally, solar energy has a positive effect on your brain. Your brain absorbs more oxygen when you sit in the sun and this makes them more active and you also have a better memory.

The sun rises for nothing

We Dutch have fair skin and live far from the equator. This allows us to absorb the ultraviolet-B radiation faster. People with tinted or dark skin need more vitamin D and therefore more sunlight, because their skin is adjusted to brighter sunshine. Vitamin D can be found in animal foods, such as meat and eggs, but a study has shown that ten minutes of sunlight is about the same as eating animal food for one day. Spending hours in the sun is, of course, not healthy, because this again gives chances of skin cancer, but sitting in the sun for an hour a day is definitely recommended! It is best to do this before 11:00 in the morning or after 15:00 in the afternoon if the sun is not too strong.

Our body is like a house and our skin is like a solar panel . The sun gives our body this energy for free and for nothing, because the sun rises for nothing! Is it not special that this inexhaustible source of energy can be converted free of charge as electricity for our home, but also serves as a source of positive energy for our body and mind?