Solar Geothermal Energy

Lisa Said:

How geothermal energy is a derivative of solar energy?

We Answered:

No. At least not in the sense that fossil fuels are, or hydroelectric power plants are.
Most geothermal energy is from gravity and the resulting pressure. TIdal friction and some radioactivity also add to geothermal energy
SOmeone may argue that the earth was formed from ‘left over debris’ from the sun’s formation. True, but that is not really solar energy, it is solar mass.

Jason Said:

How Bush/McCain promote the wind, geothermal and solar energy?

We Answered:

the last energy bill that gave tax breaks to oil companies was a complete PLAY ON WORDS as usual…

the bill gave huge tax incentives for oil companies to “explore alternative energy sources“. Which means…. where can we poke more holes in the ground ?…it doesn’t mean “alternative forms of energy”…thats just ridiculous…what benefit would there be for an oil company to find alternatives to oil ? NONE !

wake up people…y’all got bushwacked !

alternative energy…err uhhummm !… sources”…. very clever don’t you think ?

Vickie Said:

Similarites and Differences between SolarGeothermal and Hydro energy?

We Answered:

Geothermal runs 24/7, whereas solar can only work during the day (though there are some pretty good ways of storing the energy at night.) Geothermal, however, cannot be done anywhere and is mostly limited to countries with a lot of volcanic activity, such as Iceland.

Hydro is 24/7, but again it can only be done where the conditions are right. Most cities do not have giant, damable rivers near them.

All of them, however, have the great similarity that they do not contribute to global warming, and are infinitely renewable.

Jeanette Said:

Is it possible to combine solar and geothermal energy for residence in the state of Maryland?

We Answered:

I have both solar electric and solar hot water panels and they are awesome. You can get a wind map to see if you are in the right area for a turbine. I don’t know a lot about geothermal. Consult the green companies in your area and make sure they all know about your plans in completion so there is no overlapping. It will be expensive! Good luck.