Solar Geothermal Energy

Are solar panels really that healthy?

If you never think about it you don’t know. Because what do these panels do in your street or on your own roof? On the one hand you enjoy it. But on the other hand, they ruin your indoor environment and the electricity of your street.

Fortunately, you can now bring these radiation sources to rest in your house. Quick and easy without major investments or renovations.

The measurements in practice

The inverter of the solar panels always causes huge disruptions on your grid. This also goes through your walls and equipment. The norm is fifty disruptions per second. But no more houses are underneath! These disruptions go through your house through your pipes, walls and equipment. They radiate this high voltage with the many extra disturbances. Also from your neighborhood to you.

First aid tips for radiation sources in your neighborhood

Place your bed at least two meters away from the solar panels and the inverter due to the strong electric fields. If this does not work, neutralize the harmful effects with a number (depending on the strength and distance) of the set of LF adhesive chips.

Better yet: also disturb your inverter and a large part of your grid with one filter. In this way the ‘dirty electricity’ on your high-voltage network will immediately and certainly be much quieter.

Because the remotely readable panels have EVERYTHING! a WiFi modem. That is why you have ‘quite a bit’ of radiation. You disrupt one modem with one smartphone / tablet chip. So literally at the radiation source. The voltage can be neutralized in one room by placing an LF disc . You can also call Fer to ask for free advice, of course.

Without drastic measures?

Hell yes! Simple and easy.

Although most customers immediately experience even more peace.

So that is another major improvement :-).