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These solar panels are very environmentally friendly, but are they also good for you? There is a lot of confusion about radiation from solar panels and health risks. Do you know where you stand? In this blog Strooming examines the radiation hazard of solar panels and possible health problems.

Do solar panels emit radiation?

 The word radiation often starts ringing alarm bells, people immediately think of radioactivity. Radiation may be invisible and intangible, not all radiation is a health risk. Did you know that radiation occurs everywhere around us? Some radiation is even indispensable for life on earth. Consider, for example, sunlight.

What about radiation from solar panels? Absolutely true, solar panels emit radiation in the form of electric and electromagnetic fields. Solar panels provide direct current, surrounded by an electric field. Because all our household appliances run on alternating current, a special inverter must convert the generated power. It is the inverter that emits an electromagnetic radiation.

Exposure criteria for radiation

An international committee (International committee for protection against non-ionizing radiation) has established limits for exposure to electromagnetic fields. The recommended exposure limit for magnetic fields from electrical devices (as the inverter in a solar panel) in and around the house is 100 microtesla (tesla (T) is the unit to express the strength of the magnetic field). The recommended limit for electric fields (like the physical solar panels themselves) is 5 kilovolts per meter.

The electromagnetic field that solar panels themselves generate is very weak. An inverter is required to make the low voltage of solar panels suitable for the socket. A certified former remains well below the exposure limit. If that is the case, you can assume that you are sufficiently protected against the currently known health risks. Possible risks only apply to exposure to strong fields that you do not encounter in daily life. Consider, for example, industrial complexes.

How harmful is radiation from solar panels to health?

Does solar panel radiation undermine your health? Health risks do not appear from scientific research, provided that the exposure limits are guaranteed.

The cautious conclusion is that radiation danger is something you believe in or not. As well as health problems caused by mobile phones.

Not everyone accepts this. Countless websites and forums are full of health issues linked to radiation caused by devices such as solar panels. Radiation is associated with various complaints such as tiredness, nervousness, inner restlessness, eye problems, ringing in the ears, muscle and joint pains, concentration problems or less appetite.

Are you worried about possible radiation from solar panels?

 Scientific evidence of the risk of radiation to health may be lacking, radiation concerns must not be underestimated. Stress is, just like the assumed radiation hazard,

healthcare. Here are a number of measures you can take for a more peaceful state of mind.

  • Buy a certified inverter

Ensure that the inverter complies with applicable standards such as IEC 61727: 2004. Asian inverters in particular do not always have the correct certification.

  • Place the inverter away from crowded places in the house

Place the inverter in a strategic place, further away from the bedroom or the living room. The strength of the electromagnetic field decreases rapidly with increasing distance. A rule of thumb is that if the distance becomes twice as long, the strength of the field becomes about four times as low.

  • Grounding of solar panels

Since January 1, 2017, it is mandatory to ground solar panels. This is a useful way to eliminate electrical and electromagnetic phenomena. Older solar panels are often not grounded and retain electromagnetic fields.

Current measures the radiation from your solar panels

 Solar panels emit radiation, but is this radiation harmful to you? If you want to exclude any risk, switch to Strooming for a radiation investigation. Our experts carefully discuss the research results with you and advise on possible solutions. Get started right away? Then contact us. We are happy to serve you. Also, ask for the free quote.