Solar Energy Stored

Julian Said:

Stored solar energy in the form of buried vegetation that flourished in sunlight is represented by what?

We Answered:

This question confused me a bit but what I think you are asking is how does solar energy eventually end up stored in vegetation under the soil.
OK.. Plants undergo photosynthesis to store energy in cells call chloroplasts. when the plants are buried, they still have that energy stored in their cells. Over thousands of years they are compressed and some release gasses (methane deposits- a large source of natural energy) the solidified remnants are later mined as coal.
For more information on that google Biomass

Ricardo Said:

solar energy stored in photosynthesis?

We Answered:

It’s a question of wording. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants take carbon dioxide from the air and combine them with water and nutrients from the soil to make the necessary carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, ect. for life. Energy from sunlight enables this process to proceed. Solar energy is stored as chemical energy in these chemicals, not in photosynthesis.

Ernest Said:

Why is it possible to describe fossil fuels as stored solar energy?

We Answered:

Well fossil fuels are generally formed when dead plants and other materials are put under extreme heat and pressure. Now these dead plants used solar energy for their daily activities, i.e photosynthesis. The solar energy was stored in these plants as mechanical energy and hence when the plant dies the energy is still stored in it because we all know that energy cannot be destroyed. And yea.. hope that helps

Alma Said:

What is used to move stored solar energy from the storing devices to the lights?

We Answered:

Wires, batteries, just like regular made electrical power.

Marsha Said:

where is solar energy stored in plants?

We Answered:

Plants use solar energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into hydrocarbons with the waste product oxygen. Solar energy is stored in the carbon-carbon and the carbon-hydrogen chemical bonds of these hydrocarbons.

Ruben Said:

How is solar energy stored?

We Answered:…

This site may help you 🙂

There are a few ways we get energy from the sun. the most well known is though solar panels that turn the suns raise into energy and store it in battery’s. Although there is also Solar Thermal that uses mirrors to heat water that then produces steam and turns turbines and makes power (this is general more practical due to the shortage of silicon to make solar panels.)