Solar Energy Initiatives

Billie Said:

what is a lantern acording to the site?

We Answered:

A Lantern is a small portable light source.
In this case it is an electric lantern with energy efficient LEDs as the light source and a solar powered charging system.
The article indicated that the goal is to make these cost effective to replace the use of kerosene or other oil burning lanterns.

Ronald Said:

What is the best green web hosting service on the net?

We Answered:

There’s several — the top of the lot are Thinkhost and Hostpapa. Both have great affordable plans, and both fund environmental initiatives like tree-planting, awareness campaigns etc.

In my opinion, is one of the top green web hosting resources on the net today.

Tracy Said:

What do you guys think of Googles initiative of fighting climate change?

We Answered:

I heard about this story on NPR this morning. I think it’s very cool that Google is investing money in alternative energy (not just solar, but also wind and geothermal). This will accelerate the developments of these technologies which were already well on their way to becoming cost-competetive with coal.

Good for Google – it’s a really cool company.

Allen Said:

Speech on Solar energy: an initiative ?

We Answered:

Hello darling, asking someone to simply give you the speech, is this your honest way of working things out?

Try to get some point about this topic first hand, think about it, post your questions here, then we can have something to share about….

Best of luck.
Happy Halloween. And please be safe.
God bless