Solar Energy Generate Electricity

Tamara Said:

Is it possible to store some of the electricity or energy generated from a fuel cell using capacitors?

We Answered:

the size of capacitor needed would be impractical and there would be safety issues if it explodes or arcs and discharges.


Marcus Said:

How can solar satellite energy be used to generate electricity?

We Answered:

NASA use high-efficiency Gallium-Arsenide photovoltaic arrays to generate electricity for satellites including the Space Station, Hubble telescope, spy satellites, communication satellites etc. These are about 40% efficient.

On a much larger scale such arrays could generate electricity in space, but would have to be transported back to earth perhaps in the form of a very high-energy microwave beam. The receiving station on earth would regenerate the electricity from the microwave energy.

Advantages? – zero carbon, 24/7 energy (The sun always shines in space)

Disadvantages? – the microwave beam could do serious harm if it went off-course. Also if the satellite is geo-stationary the earth’s shadow would reduce the overall energy output.