Solar And Wind Energy

Green energy is energy that is generated from sustainable energy sources, which means that you don’t have to take anything from the earth. You will not damage the earth. You have different ways to generate green energy. An example of this is solar energy, which is energy that is generated from the sun ‘s radiation. For example, you can use it for your house. You can therefore easily place them on your roof.

What is it anyway?

Green energy is energy that is generated from sustainable energy sources, so that means that you don’t have to take anything from nature. But there are also disadvantages. For example, it costs (quite) a lot of money to buy solar panels. But if you want petrol, for example, you need oil from the earth. That oil runs out at some point. But if you install wind turbines, you need wind and the wind never rises. The sun will only be in 5 or 6 billion years, and the sea will never run out.

Types of green energy

Solar energy

You can generate green energy through sunlight. You can do this through solar panels. When the sun shines on the solar panels, electrons start moving. Because these electrons start to move, direct current is created. We cannot yet use DC power, for example, to charge a computer. We need alternating current for this.  Solar energy doesnt leave any danger for occuring dry skin, however being too long outside does. Alternating current arises because the inverter converts direct current into alternating current. This is stored in the meter cupboard and can then be used to, for example, charge a computer.

Wind energy

You can also generate green energy through the wind. The wind causes the vanes, also called rotor blades, to turn. When the wind comes from another side, the wind vane ensures that the rotor blades rotate in such a way that it still catches the wind. The body of the windmill is located behind the rotor blades. This part of the mill is also called the gondola. Here are the generator and the gearbox. The generator ensures that the kinetic energy, so the wind, is converted into electricity. This happens the same as with a dynamo on the bike. When the dynamo is against the wheel and your hard bike, turning around, also called kinetic energy, causes the light on your bike to come on. The gearbox ensures that the rotation speed is increased.

Water power

Electricity can also be generated by dams. When the water is high enough, a slider opens. This ensures that the water flows to the turbine. Because the turbine causes water to flow even faster, electricity can be generated. This is done at the generator. The generator has the same effect as with the windmill. The generator ensures that the kinetic energy, the water that flows, is converted into electricity.

Other green energy

You also have energy from waste, then they use the heat that is released during incineration and of course body energy, so cycling and then generating energy with a dynamo. Of the waste you have only 2 companies in the Netherlands that cooperate. The largest company is in Amsterdam. They collect all the waste that is collected in Amsterdam, then burn it and with the energy that is then released, they make electricity. And with the electricity that they have generated, they provide electricity in Amsterdam.


If you do not have solar panels on your roof, and you do not want it, you can take out a renewable energy plan. Renewable energy is on the rise in the Netherlands. In the past, the main energy was nuclear energy. But that is still quite dangerous. So that’s why they started looking for alternatives. So now you can install solar panels on your roof yourself, but you can also take out a sustainable subscription. So that is generated from wind turbines, tidal energy or solar energy. In America you also have very large fields of solar panels in the desert. They are there because there is a lot of sunshine in the desert and therefore also a lot of UV radiation, which all solar panels use.

Pros and cons

You have advantages and disadvantages of green energy. So you also have supporters and opponents of green energy. The government thinks it is too expensive, but the Dutch citizen deserves it. Below the pros and cons.


One of the benefits of green energy is that you can save a lot of money on energy bills. Because if you place solar panels on a roof, you don’t have to pay anything to the energy bill, because you don’t need that. Another advantage is that it pollutes the earth less. Because if you have solar panels on your roof, there is no need to emit CO2 from a nuclear power plant. So that means the air stays cleaner. And that is good for health. For example, you have a lot of CO2 emissions in cities like Hong Kong because of the many cars that drive there. If you want to walk outside in the center you need to wear a mouth cap if you want to be sure that you are not breathing in polluted air.


There are few disadvantages to mention about green energy. A major disadvantage is that it is expensive. You quickly lose 300 euros for a solar panel. That is quite expensive if you want to cover your entire roof with it. The energy subscriptions from green energy are also much more expensive than regular energy subscriptions. That is because if you want to generate green energy like Nuon or Eneco you need a lot of wind turbines or solar panels. And generating in the Netherlands is not so common, so it is therefore more expensive. Another major disadvantage is that windmills, for example, can destroy the landscape. Many nature lovers are therefore against wind energy.