Renewable Energy Sources

Evelyn Said:

What percent of renewable energy sourcessources do energy providers use?

We Answered:

less than 2%

Joanne Said:

How could renewable energy sources bebe used to meet a household’s needs?

We Answered:

renewable sources:
geothermal, while not renewable, is often classed in this area as it is inexhaustible.

Depends on the household and where it is located. Windy area, use wind power. Lots of sun, use solar power.

solar array would be on the roof. wind generator would be on a tower.
You will need a large array of batteries to supply power when the sun/wind is not available. Alternatively, sell power back to the electric utility company and use power from them during periods of no sun or wind.

if this is an isolated house with no access to the power grid, I’d have a diesel generator for backup.

Vernon Said:

Why do we rely so much on fossil fuels today, instead of renewable energy energy sources?

We Answered:

Fossil fuels have been relatively cheap for the last two hundred years. Only recently has the true cost been appreciated. Until the greenhouse gas problem was discovered, nobody assumed that there was any cost to dumping carbon dioxide into the air. That is, the fossil fuel users have assumed that the disposal of the exhaust gases was free.

The other point is that a lot of the renewable sources of energy require high technology, e.g., hydroelectric dams, advanced windmills and solar electric generating systems.

Cecil Said:

what is the most common and renewable energy sources?

We Answered:

It all comes from the sun, directly or indirectly and it varies with where you are. If you are in the NE USA, around the fall line, water power is feasible. If you happen to be around Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, solar panels would be ideal. That area gets the most insolation on Earth. Not a good spot for river power, though. Tidal power works well if you are along the ocean and nearer the poless than the equator, as in the Bay of Fundy. Wind power is dependable on the Great Plains and id dependent on local topography to a large extent.

Ben Said:

I have NO idea how to start my report on renewable energy sources?

We Answered:

talk about all 3 in your intro then in your body paragraphs talk about about each one separately. Some other ideas: cars running on water, solar panels, wind power

hope i helped

Susan Said:

what is the most common and renewable energy sources available to date?

We Answered:

Solar power, and wind generators, along with power stations at large dam areas using gravity from water.