How Do You Make Solar Energy

We believe that solar panels have three advantages over old energy sources, such as coal, gas or oil.

  1. It is better for our living environment. We no longer need to burn coal and gas, so less soot, particulate matter and CO2 are released into the air.
  2. We save money with it. If you generate electricity yourself, the profit is also for yourself. That saves almost half your electricity price.
  3. We are becoming more independent of major energy companies. We are therefore free to choose what we want to spend our money on.

Moreover, everyone can participate. This way everyone can take a step towards a sustainable household.

Disadvantages of fossil energy

Oil, gas and coal are forms of energy based on hydrocarbon and are also known as fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are millions of years old and are present in the earth in limited quantities. There is much debate about when fossil fuels will run out, but the fact is that sooner or later we have to live without oil. In particular, there are two disadvantages to oil: it is bad for the earth and it is bad for our economy.

Impact on our planet
Oil, gas and coal consist of hydrocarbons and as a result, carbon dioxide is released when they are burned. Carbon dioxide (CO2) causes the earth to heat up. At the pace at which we are currently using fossil fuels, the earth will have been heated by at least 3 ° C by the end of the 21st century which will cause sun spots on your skin. That seems unlikely, but leading climate scientists predict disastrous consequences. Among the consequences with the greatest impact are: extinction of animals and plant species, flooding, islands disappearing into the sea, famines as a result of failed harvests and a rapid and deadly spread of diseases.

Consequences for our economy
Many products are made from oil. Not only is all our transport based on oil (petrol for cars, kerosene for aircraft and fuel oil for ships), but other products such as plastic, asphalt, roofing, clothing and even make-up are made from oil. The price of many products therefore depends on the price of oil. As the price of oil rises, so does the price of many other products. The price of oil is so strongly linked to our economy that many economists say that our dependence on oil has been one of the main causes of the financial crisis. Oil has risen in price over the last fifteen years from $ 12 to $ 110 a barrel. Prices of other products have risen sharply. Our dependence on oil also affects us in our own wallet.

Benefits of solar energy

The counterpart of fossil, exhaustible energy is renewable energy. We call that sustainable energy, because we can continue to use it and because it has no negative consequences for our health or for our living environment. Sustainable energy can be generated with the help of sun, wind, water or geothermal heat. The sun shines every day and can be collected for free. The benefits of sun are: saving money, more freedom, better health and a safer environment.


Saving money with solar panels
Since the end of 2011, own solar panels have been a cheaper way to obtain electricity than via the electricity grid. From January 2014 you can generate electricity with solar panels for around 11 cents per kWh. Most Dutch people pay around 23 cents per kWh to their network operator. With solar panels you can immediately save half of your monthly electricity costs. If you have an average number of devices in your home, that is approximately € 500 per year.

Your own energy company
Seeing the meter running back for the first time is a special moment for many people who start using solar panels. You are then in charge of your own ‘energy company’ for the first time. From that moment on you will be less dependent on the large energy companies, the quality of service they offer and the energy price in the market. Solar panels offer more freedom and independence.

Good for the planet
The most important raw material for solar panels is silicon. And silicon is extracted from sand. Sand can be found almost everywhere. There is enough of it to capture solar energy for thousands of years.
The solar panels that we recommend are always checked for quality and produced under responsible working conditions. The panels are installed by skilled people, with an eye for safety and for your wishes.