Bad Things About Solar Energy

Francisco Said:

What is the name of this movie? It;s about how bad we are treating the earth….?

We Answered:

the day the earth stood still

Mildred Said:

What type of home construction in best suited for the climate of Denver?

We Answered:

To get really accurate answers you will need to ask a home construction person, but I will give you some rough ideas.

>> What climate factors need to be considered when building a home in Denver?
Denver gets cold. It can get below zero and stay there. In summer it can stay over 90 for weeks. The heat and cold are dry so it rarely gets really hot or really bone-chilling cold. I consider Houston really hot. I consider the east coast really cold. I have never been that miserable in Denver. A well constructed, well insulated, passive-solar designed, south-facing house is a big plus.

>> How well should the house be insulated? I would suggest R30 or above

>> What is the number of heating degree days?(mean below 65 degrees F)
At night temps gets below 65 a good deal of the time. A well build house will retain heat so there is no need to turn a furnace on until it gets a lot colder than 65. I have friends who turn off their furnace from May to September.…

>> What is the number of cooling degree days?(mean above 85 degrees F)
I was born in Colorado, and have never used air conditioning in a house. You get a few well places fans and there is no need for air conditioning. Again, dry heat.

>> Is solar energy an option?
Absolutely! With over 300 days that are at least party sunny, solar is an excellent option. Passive solar is one of the best options around. See the link to CRES last time I answered your question

>> Should I worry about water conservation?
Absolutely! Colorado is high desert. We have serious water shortage problems that are only partially being addressed. Consider xeriscaping your yard and use water wisely.