Alternative Energy Sources

The purchase of solar panels is a conscious choice and a sustainable investment, you pay attention to the price, quality, and savings that it can yield. Buying has become simple Buying beautiful solar panels has become easy these days. After comparing the companies you know exactly what panels (and how many) there are for what amount.

Buying solar panels is a difficult choice. Solar panels are relatively expensive and before you make a choice it is wise to first orientate properly.


When buying solar panels, it is wise to first obtain sufficient information. By visiting this site you are already a long way in the right direction. It is good to look at the various types of solar panels, especially the efficiency and the price of solar panels are important. you want solar panels with a high efficiency for a reasonable price.


Before you buy solar panels, it is wise to think carefully about the location for the solar panels. Make sure you are not with the solar panels at mid afternoon, cause then the sun is at its highest and can cause discrepancies on your skin. If you have a (flat / sloping) roof or a facade facing south-east, east or south-west, this is the ideal place to have solar panels installed. Naturally, the sunlight that falls on the solar panels must be hindered as little as possible by shadows from trees or buildings. The angle at which the solar panels are placed is of great importance, in the Netherlands solar panels are usually placed at an angle of 35 degrees.

Permit solar panels

Installing solar panels usually does not require a permit, but you must then comply with the following rules.

  1. The solar panels or solar panel must be placed on or on a building.
  2. The solar panels or the solar panel must be intended for the energy of the building on which or on which it is installed. It is also permitted to place a solar panel on or on a structure for the benefit of another structure present on the plot. Permit-free
    For example, a solar panel on a garage is (under certain conditions) also free of building permits if it generates electricity for the home on the same plot.
  3. The solar panels or the solar panel must form a whole with the installation for generating electricity. If that is not the case, the installation must be placed in the relevant structure;

Solar panels on a sloping roof, then the following applies:

  1. The solar panels or the solar panel may not protrude and must therefore remain on all sides within the plane of the roof,
  2. The angle of inclination of the solar panels must be the same as that of the roof surface on which it stands;
  3. The solar panels or the solar panel must be placed in or directly on the roof surface,

Solar panels on a flat roof, then the following applies:

  1. The solar panels or the solar panel may not be placed at a monument or in a protected city or village view designated by the government.
  2. The slope of the solar panels may not be more than 35 degrees.
  3. The solar panels must remain at least as far away from the roof edge as it is high. For example, if the highest point of the solar panel is 50 centimeters, then the distance to the roof edge (s) must also be at least 50 centimeters;

What do solar panels cost?

There are various price categories available for solar panels. On average, the price is around 700 euros per m2, excluding installation costs. The installation costs depend on the situation. If you have an easily accessible place, it is easier to install the solar panels and there may be some additional costs for the mounting material. The installation costs are usually around 200 euros per solar panel. To save on installing solar panels you can also consider installing them yourself. If you are unsure whether you will succeed in installing the solar panels, leave it to a professional company.

Below you can see the prices of the solar panels: