Charger For Batteries

Cynthia Said:

Can I use any brand of rechargeable batteries in my battery charger?

We Answered:

yeah its fine just don’t put regular batteries in their, but i’m sure you knew that.

Willie Said:

Does anyone know if a battery charger that is made in japan for double a batteries exist and can be purchased?

We Answered:

Well, There might be one out there, just keep looking at the most expensive one and you might get lucky.

What you need to know is that most battery’s cells are made in Japan but are assembled in China.

Almost all battery chargers are made in China, because of the cost of production.

Billie Said:

can i charge deep cycle u1 wheelchair batteries with a standard car batterie chargerbatteries?

We Answered:

ABSOLUTELY NOT! You need a charger that goes with that type of battery.

Jimmy Said:

What is the best battery charger and the best chargeable batteries (AA and AAA)?

We Answered:

Duracell is the best brand of batteries or energizer just never ever buy Rayovac.. hope i helped

Antonio Said:

Can you use the same charger for 2 sets of batteries?

We Answered:

Electrically, Yes. As long as the positive side of the battery is connected to the positive side of the charger, and the negative side of the charger connected to the negative side of the battery. Physically, you will have to figure out How to connect the batteries in such configuration.

Carmen Said:

Would it be disastrous to charge my duracell batteries on a different brand of battery charger?

We Answered:

Wont make a difference, the charger doesnt know what brand name is on the battery. You will be fine, it wont hurt them.