How Does Solar Power Work

Tammy Said:

How does Solar cooker work by the power of sun ?

We Answered:

the sunlight is reflected by the mirror fitted in the lid of the solar cooker. there is a particular set of rays in the sunlight called infrared rays which provide heat to the object they finally fall upon(visible light also converts to heat but containing comparatively less energy). this energy falling on food converts to heat and cooks the food. temp. can reach quite hish(150-180celcius with plane mirror and 200-250 with concave mirror) hope i was of help!!

Juanita Said:

How does a solar powered camera work at night and/or in bad weather?

We Answered:

When they say “solar powered“, what they actually mean is “light powered”. Such devices are fitted with panels that absorb light particles (photons) and the device then converts the photon energy into a small electric signal, which makes the device run. Even when there is no apparent “sunlight”, you do have some light around you, however faint it might be. If there was no light, you will feel pitch-dark and won’t be able to see anything.

So if your camera (or any other solar-powered device) has very sensitive solar panels, it would be good enough to catch the photons from this dull light and work from it.

Evelyn Said:

How do solar, hydro, and wind power work?

We Answered:

Solar generators are the oddball here, water and wind power are both collected with turbines turned by kinetic energy. Kinetic to electric conversion is done through Faraday’s induction method. Solar generation is done by pushing electrons out of place in a semi-conductor for more info visit the source website.

Rosemary Said:

Solar PowerHow Does It Work?

We Answered:

High energy photons strike a piece of metal and knock off electrons, creating a current. It’s not particularly large, and obviously requires sunlight, so it’s unrealistic as a constant power source, but it could cover a fair bit of the load of a skyscraper. Heating/Cooling would probably be way too much of a load, but lights and laptops… certainly.

Nuclear power would be much preferable.

Dustin Said:

Let me try again, In an Investment perspective, how does the solarpower system work?

We Answered:

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Beth Said:

How does a solar powered car work?

We Answered:

not as well as they want!….
there basically a battery powered car that is charged up by the suns rays,……
course there a lot more complex,but that’s the top and bottom of it.

Ryan Said:

How does a solarpowered flashlight work?

We Answered:

You do need sunlight to make the solar cells generate electricity. The electricity is then stored in some form of capacitor. After dark you could then use your flashlight.