First Solar Cell

Jacob Said:

how do i make a thermoelectric generator?

We Answered:

The only method I know with which you can make electricity out of heat (directly, not via a turbine like power stations do) is an electronic component called a thermocouple. Because one thermocouple gives off too tittle energy to do anything useful with it, you will require an array of several. Such array exists on the market, see
And because there are not many practical applications where you can use a small amount of electricity near a heat source, the only “home-use” of this technology I have seen is a fan which you put on your oven / stove, to blow the warm air further to the centre of your room. Example:…

You can’t really compare this with solar cells, because the energy sources are entirely different between those two.
The most noticeable difference is that one thermocouple produces a tiny amount of voltage at a reasonable current. Whereas photo cells produce a reasonable voltage at a “soft” current (higher internal resistance)..