Cell Phone Solar Charger

Terry Said:

Looking for a solar powered chargerfor my droid incredible, any recommendations?

We Answered:

Here’s one possibility, never tried it


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Isaac Said:

still searching for solar battery charger?

We Answered:

It is only required that you have a solar or wind unit with the proper output. Most smaller units have 12V output, and can be connected through the “mobile” connection where you would connect them in a vehicle.
I think however that you will find the units are ridiculously expensive, unless you can build your own. ALSO, wind powr units are not really practical as “portable” power due to size and weight.

Kurt Said:

1.8W solar charger for charging small things?

We Answered:

Make sure whatever the battery, it is 12 V since the Eliminator is designed to charge 12 V batteries. You may overheat low voltage devices (like 3.3 volts in some cell phones) if you attempt to charge them with the Eliminator. However, cell phones internally have protection built-in to protect against excess voltage….but you never know and that is why cell phones have disclaimers against using third party charging devices.

Back to your original question, the reverse charge protector will work for any other battery. Again, make sure the battery is 12 V and not much lower.

Joann Said:

Where can i get really cheap mobile phones and solar chargers online?

We Answered:

You got to try out this page i got some cell phones from some days ago, they are pretty great phones and the cost was really affordable and i got my orders in 4 days and i wasn’t disappointed at all.