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A question for all intelligent people?

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I’m not going to bother reading all of that but I’ll skim and try to answer what I think you’re going after.

Yes in the miller urey experiments they got a racemic mixture of amino acids. Both can form proteins, both are completely functional. The fact that nearly all life today uses LH is just more evidence for common decent. A long time ago there were both LH and RH “organisms”, but LH for whatever reason got lucky and out-competed the RH “organisms” taking the majority of the available resources and RH went extinct.

Long ago the earth’s environment was reducing (very little if any O2), reducing environments promote anabolism. So your idea that complex molecules would not form spontaneously is erroneous.

Yes, very basic (no pH pun intended) enzymes today are quite large and would be very unlikely to form spontaneously, even in a reducing environment. But that’s your problem, long ago life was very basic. Even the simplest organisms alive today, archae bacteria are incredibly complex and one would be a moron to suggest they just arose spontaneously. But long ago such complexity was not needed, a simple amino acid and nucleotide chain (less than 10 residues) can easily form a self replicating system. And while we wouldn’t consider such thing as “life” today, it is quite easy to see how natural selection could already begin to act on such a system.

Heard of water bears? They are animals that can survive full exposure to solar radiation, I’ve seen them survive autoclaving multiple times, they can survive within a degree of absolute 0. The’ve survived complete vacuums and can withstand pressures greater than found at the bottom of the deepest ocean trench. They can survive decades without water (limit is only our own testing)
If that wasn’t amazing enough, they come out of that still able to produce viable offspring! So don’t tell me organisms can’t survive in space.

I don’t have any references, this is all common knowledge (besides the water bears) to any bio major. If you’re really interested in such topics I recommend taking some classes, I think you’d really enjoy them! If not head to your university library and look up articles in science journals. They’re really dry though so I recommend just reading the abstracts. If you find it really interesting then you can get into the whole scientific process thing. Good luck!

By the way, I am a Christian, there’s no need to be afraid of science no matter what your beliefs.