Free Solar Panels

Andrew Said:

hydrogen made free with solar panels on the roof of each gas station makes sense?

We Answered:

In the words of an O’jays’ song.
Money, money, money, money!

Willie Said:

can i really get solar panels for free?

We Answered:

Yes and No. There is a guy out there on the Internet with an ebook that says you can get them for free, and he’ll tell you how if you buy the ebook.

Basically, you know those solar powered signs along the highway with flashing arrows? He says when those panels are damaged (like being hit by a vehicle), you can contact the local highway dept. or the company that they rent the signs from and get their used / damaged panels. The author of the ebook (Steve Harris) contends that the damage is usually minor cracks in the exterior glass that makes them less efficient, but still free.

However, what you need to know is that if you live in a state with incentives to people who implement solar power, most states will stipulate that in order to get their money, the panels need to be brand new, with at least a 20 year warranty, and that they are installed by a certified installer. So the used highway dept. panels would not qualify you for any state incentive money.

You get what you pay for and nothing in life is truly free.

You should also note that a certified installer or someone with experience in design, architecture, or engineering will be able to do the best job integrating these onto your house in a most aesthetic way while still keeping their performance high. I’m not a certified installer, but I am a design professional who owns a solar home that I think is quite spectacular looking. I can’t say the same for the photos of the projects in the ebook I mentioned.

No offense to the author of the book – just my opinion. Hope this info helps. Thanks!

And the person above who says the federal government will give you half back in tax credits is incorrect. The federal tax credit on renewable energy components is up to $2000 for solar PV and up to an additional $2000 for solar hot water technologies. That person may be referring to a STATE of California incentive, which I am unfamiliar with. My state, Ohio, paid nearly 50% of my system (which is nowhere near free, I’ll add). The person above is correct in that you pay for everything up-front, and then submit your expenses to the state for reimbursement. At least that’s how Ohio works. My system is 4.4 kW and cost around $35K. The state paid a little over $18K of that, so yes, it’s still expensive, but it’s one of the few purchases that you’ll ever make that begins MAKING you money immediately.

Think of it this way: the moment you drive a new car off the lot, it begins severely depreciating and COSTING you money – for the rest of the entire time you own it. There is no such thing as pay back on a car – nor most things that we buy. I have clients that ask me what the payback on a solar panel is and if it’s that many years, why should they get them? I then ask them the payback on their granite counter tops or the Sub-Zero refrigerator? None. Yes, photovoltaics are expensive, but they begin making money immediately, and with a 20 year warranty or more, they will surely last years beyond their payback period, so beyond that, it’s cash in your pocket. Think of it as buying a few years of electricity up front in order to lock in on a price and then get electricity for free for the rest of your life! Thanks!

Jean Said:

is there a program that has solar panels for free?

We Answered:

That would most likely be your local utility company. Effiency usually cmes at the cost of higher investments (but given 5 or more years, they generally pay off). In order to provide an incentive, utility companies generally offer these technologies at a subsidized rate. Some of the “free” things require a low income. Call them and see what they have.
There is also a federal program called: A Million Solar Roofs. check it out.
Like I said, it might cost money but it will pay off. Assuming you hook it up to the grid, you’ll get your money back through electricty savings.

Theodore Said:

were do i get plans free to make solar panels?

We Answered:

Hi Claudia,
I take it you have looked around and been scared by the price of solar panels,although you know they make sense.
Free plans are two a penny just search through Google but whether they are of any real use to you I doubt it.
I don’t know why you want to build solar panels but are you aware that by themselves they are not much use.
If you want them for the electricity they can produce you are going to need deep storage batteries and a converter as solar panels produce DC (direct current) electricity and your house appliances need AC (alternating current) electricity hope I haven’t lost you there I am not very technical myself.
At the address below you can be shown how to set up your own solar system for less than $200 including deep storage batteries and this is all shown in a video and of course there is a book telling you how to do it all written especially for non technical people (me included)
You also get for free a book on Renewable Energy showing you the other sources of energy as well.

Best of Luck Claudia

Holly Said:

If you install solar panels on, or around your house, is the energy generated free?

We Answered:

The energy you receive is free.

The cost ultimately is the cost of the equipment and any maintenance.

Those costs are coming down, and it looks like there are going to be some serious tax breaks to go along with it.