Solar Water Heating

Kelly Said:

I want to instal solar hot waterheating to the house. Where is a good place to get the materials from?

We Answered:

I saw a program on iON Life where thery had a computer and a windturbine and solar panels wired into it and that was connected tot he supply so that it coudl supply the grid or the home as needed.

This may be of help:…

This is good for a read:…

these have a lot of supplies:…

Jessie Said:

what colors should tubes be for a solar water heating system?

We Answered:

You should create a form of greenhouse situation around your pipes (which should be matte black) so to trap any radiant heat from those pipes. By creating an enclosed atmosphere with the glass, you can contain nearly all heat and thus be extremely efficient when heating your pool water.

Jesus Said:

why is my solar hot water heating costing me so much?

We Answered:

Solar heating means it is heated by the sun’s rays. Your electric bill for heating is from an electric heater.

Try keeping the cover on longer to get more solar energy to help heat the pool.

If the pool is shade between buildings or from trees the solar cover will do little to heat it.

And you might want to consider gas heating to supplement the solar heating.

My dad has a inground in Fort Lauderdale FL., and even with all the sun he gets he still could use a lot of gas heating to keep the pool comfortable.

Scott Said:

Need technical help with troubleshooting tips for water pump and controls for solar water heating system.?

We Answered:

If you have the correct voltage where it is wired to the pump then your problem is the pump

Helen Said:

How does solar water heating work?

We Answered:

its not the heat from the sun its the light from the sun that is stored inside it.

Lydia Said:

What’s the difference between a proper Solar water heating panels?

We Answered:

“Cloche” as in belfry? (In your case inhabited by bats.) Solar panels do more that just heat water, they also supply electric current. I use my solar shower all the time while backpacking. Just fill the plastic bag with water (the back of it is coated to absorb the sun’s rays), lay it on a rock out in the sun, and 4 hours later hang it on a tree limb, attach the shower hose and head (god that sounds obscene somehow), and you got a 5 minute hot shower. Nothing wrong with being frugal, but a tight git is something else.