Solar Pv Technology

Ruby Said:

Where can I find list of solar power project installations worldwide (existing and upcoming)?

We Answered:

this is a good site for this..

Nicholas Said:

is solar living a sham?

We Answered:

In most cases you’re right.

Solar is only really efficient in areas where:
a) grid electricity is very expensive and it’s Sunny (in which case it’s easier to use ‘grid tie’ systems and sell electricity to the grid, rather than paying for batteries to store it)
b) you aren’t able to attach to the grid. If you live a mile away from the nearest grid connection, it costs a huge amount of cash to install a grid connection.

Meanwhile, small wind turbines are expensive, but larger wind turbines are pretty economic. With an average of 1c/kWh subsidy, American companies have doubled US capacity in 2 years, so they obviously think it’s economic at that price. A price which will fall in the long run as tech improves.

Costs are coming down as researchers work on thin film, organic and improved silicon wafer techniques… but the impression I get is that it’ll be another 10-20 years before solar’s a really sensible economic choice in places like northern Europe. Wind is already economic when fossil fuel prices are high.