Solar Photovoltaic System

Cody Said:

how much it cost to install photovoltaic system to the normal street light?

We Answered:

First, Could you tell me what kind of the light source of your solar light? LED or others.
Anyway, if you want to learn more, pls add my Yahoo Id [email protected] or MSN : [email protected] , I’m pleasure to help you.

Jean Said:

how to apply for a roof top solar photovoltaic system ?

We Answered:

Sorry, I only know about the US. If I were in a different country, I would look for a person that either installs solar, or has had solar installed, and ask them what you need to do.

Stephanie Said:

solar panels..photovoltaic ..what system is recommended for western pa?

We Answered:

WPA is a tough place especially in the winter with lack of light and snow plus energy storage for overnight is a problem. The last I looked it was about $8K in raw materials. From what I co

Shannon Said:

Does anyone know the price of a fixed photovoltaic system versus a movable system?

We Answered:

Im not sure what size your really need, but if you only need one panel you can go to Home Depot they sell it by panel.. at least $450.00 each panel 3 x 5… or yet search the internet Im sure you can talk to someone for a price of a panel.. the whole system cost around $25,000.00 and I dont think they will waste their time if you are only asking for a panel, you have to go to their shop.

Victor Said:

photovoltaic solar panel system?

We Answered:

It depends on the size of the system. $3/watt is a typical installation price in most parts of the country, after rebates are considered. In wealthier areas, or where rebates are higher, it may be more. That’s only for the labor, not the materials. With materials included, it will be more like $8/watt.

If you want to see a breakdown of how much our system costed, it’s at… . But we self-installed, so it’s not truly a fair comparison.