Solar Photovoltaic Power

Valerie Said:

Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine can be combined for maximum power?

We Answered:

Well thats an interesting idea, but i consider it an efficient design..

A wind turbine produces electricity, and so does a photovoltaic cell..
combining them would not help.. it is as if you are installing two batteries to supply a certain machine..
you will gain more electricity but it has nothing to with combining them together..

a point i have to make that might link the two is the following:
Wind turbine: works best in windy days, mostly winter time..
PV cell: works best in sunny days, mostly summer time..
in case you require an electrical load that would not go below a certain load no matter what the weather was. this combination would help..

Francisco Said:

Photovoltaic cells & solar power plants?

We Answered:

If they are central plants feeding general users, there is no difference between solar steam generation or photovoltaic and any other power generation. It is converted to AC and added to the power grid.
If it is a local operation, then most often it is stored as 12VDC in deep discharge batteries and made available to nearby buildings as 12VDC – like lighting, etc., and 120VAC from inverters.

Morris Said:

am i able to run power tools or appliances off of solar power provided by photovoltaic panels?

We Answered:

Yes, provided that you have sufficient power from the panels. You need several panels to equal that of common household AC power. 8, 250 watt panels, wired in parallel, with a large enough battery bank for dark time storage, with a properly sized DC to AC inverter would give you about 1, 115Vac, 15 amp circuit.

Lance Said:

i am kapil searching for grid interactive solar photovoltaic power plant?

We Answered:

Need more education before jumping into a highly technical field buddy.. see how you spell?

Francisco Said:

Which is more effective? Photovoltaic solar panels or concentrating solarpower?

We Answered:

It depends what you want to do, if you want to generate electricity, concentrating solar power using parabola’s to heat water to turn a turbine is more efficient and creates ac current. But, you need a lot of them to turn water into steam to drive the turbine. There is a power plant in the United States Southwest that uses this.

Using photovoltaic cells creates DC current, so you have to hook it up to an inverter to convert it to AC current. I believe this is the cheaper solution. there is also a different power plant in the United States Southwest that uses this approach.