Solar Photovoltaic Energy

Kimberly Said:

What do you think of photovoltaic and solar energy field as a field to study?

We Answered:

I think that energy technology will be one of the really good engineering fields for the next few decades.

Concerning the narrowness of it, all areas where you get a master’s degree narrow focus but increase depth of knowledge. It gets even narrower if one gets a PhD, but the depth is much greater.

Pamela Said:

Could we convert downtrodden malls and mini malls to photovoltaic solar energy generators?

We Answered:

Sure you can: First. Start your corporation!
Second: Decide to either go public or operate as a
Third: If public,establish the IPO. Private? Good for you,a
wise and foreward investment of your fortunes!
Now you have become part of an Elite School of Humanity:
You are now , “THEY”

Warren Said:

Where can I download … Photovoltaic or solar energy training ?

We Answered:

The North America Board of Certified Energy Practitioners offers training to install PV, solar thermal hot water and small wind turbine systems.
In their website, you can download study guides on each of the mentioned topics.