Solar Electric Power

Raul Said:

how do i convert anything electric into solar power?

We Answered:

You need to spend about $600 to $800 just to power the laptop.
You also need to get the best advice on selecting the
most suitable set-up to match your location and needs.

Ignore the above and you will find yourself having a time
consuming, expense-wasting and frustrating experience.

The simple idea of having a solar panel power your
electrical equipment is not easily implemented, unless the
required power can be limited to around 100 watts.

Understand the difference between a panel which
only maintains charge on a battery, and one
which is capable powering a laptop and charging
the internal laptop battery at the same time.

You will need to get your head around volts,
amps, and watts. Two basic approaches are possible;

1. Select a panel having volts and amps to suit
your laptop. These range 14v to 20v, and 3A to 4A.
What if you change laptops, can system be
adjusted to suit?
This system cannot be used for most other electrics.

2. Convert panel output voltage to utility supply voltage
of 120v or 230v depending on which country you live.
When not in use for laptop, other electrical loads
which require less than 100W can be powered
from the panel, a big plus.

Think in the region of spending $15,000 to $25,000 to
significantly solar power your household electrics.

You have made a start, now continue to work
your way up the learning curve, and you will succeed.

Ivan Said:

How do solar power and electric cars work?? At least give me a web site if possible…?

We Answered:

I had a solar powered car, it worked great, until it got dark.

Then there’s my electric car, it was so cheap, until I looked at the extension cord needed to make it run, it was like $20k.

Angel Said:

Can the whole Philippines capable of supplying electric power coming from solar energy?

We Answered:

The Philippines is the second largest geothermal power generating country in the world after the USA. More than a third of our energy consumption is supplied by geothermals.

We also have deep-sea oil reserves in the Malampaya Oil Rim. Political disputes halted the exploration. However Natural gas reserves exists. One fifth of our consumption comes from it.

In 2005, Southeast Asia’s first wind farm was inaugurated, it is located in the Philippines. There are also various ongoing construction of wind farms in the country.

The old hydroelectrics are still operational. One fifth of our power comes from it.

Solar energy initiative was started by Marcos during the 1970s. And since then many foreign investors have installed solar farms here. I don’t have the exact figures, but I can tell you however that less than 10 percent of our consumption comes from it.

The future is renewable power supplies, coupled with alternative fuel vehicles:

Paula Said:

Starting a small scale industry that will require electric power upto 6000w. Friends recommended solar energy?

We Answered:

I would recommend looking into a combination system that uses solar and wind power and possibly a back-up diesel generator. All with a battery bank for storing power during times of low production. Do you need 6000w a month or is this a daily requirement? That would be a huge difference in the size of the system you would need. If it is only 6000w a month that could be handled easily by a reasonably priced system.

Some companies will ship to overseas locations so you could possibly order the system over the internet.

Here is a listing of suppliers by country…

Lester Said:

How efficient and cost effective is Solar electric power usage as alternate energy at present?

We Answered:

The question you have to ask is weather or not you want to be truly on your own or just reduce your reliance on the utility. If you are on your own your expenses go way up because you have to have the battery supply and a larger cell capacity to get you through a major winter storm where the sun don’t shine. (there should be a joke in there somewhere). The batteries, charger etc makes this type of system expensive. You would also want to convert to energy efficient appliances. On the other hand many people put in solar to reduce their impact on the grid. They cells they buy are just large enough to cover most of their load during the day or maybe a little more. Just enough so that in the long run their meter shows little consumption over time. Your local utility should also be able to give you a lot of help with the project since they want you do to it safely. Any power you put onto the grid gets stepped up to 12kV and so they want to ensure safety.

Charlene Said:

how can I run my electric fence charger with solar power?

We Answered:

It would probably be cheaper to buy a solar power fence charger. Go to They are a little expensive but i believe they have a life time warranty on them.

Brandy Said:

how does solar electric power apply to real world??

We Answered:

very well all over the world in isolated places .

you find it on yachts to power radios and satellite navigation.
on farms ,for lights,radio,electric pumps.

the street lamps in front of my house are solar powered ,they charge in the day and shine at night.

on the beach people watch television from solar power

and with enough panels and battery storage
you can power your whole house
and tools with solar power .

expensive to install .
but in the end much cheaper ,
because after you got it
it is just about free.