Solar Cells Information

Teresa Said:

Does anyone have any information about Solar Trackers?

We Answered:

A large amount of information is available on line from companies that sell solar panels and solar trackers.

Just do an internet search on “solar tracker.”

You can study the design and construction of solar trackers and if you are at all mechanically inclined you could build one yourself.

I use solar panels, batteries and an inverter to power my passive solar house. I tried trackers for a while, but discovered that the mechanical problems with trackers were more bothersome and costly than mounting the solar panels in a stationary array and adding a few panels to offset the slight reduction in collecting power of stationary arrays.

In other words, on the basis of experience I recommend stationary arrays rather than trackers.

Annette Said:

I need some info on solar cells?

We Answered:

I have collected some information in my blog spot, please see it if there is something could help you for your English paper.

Cindy Said:

What are solar cells and what do they do? whats some information on this topic?

We Answered:

solar sell they take the sun rays and use them to power it you will get more info there that you will in here