Photovoltaic Thin Film

Emma Said:

(The question can be located below…)?

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The area for 3cm x 4cm = 12 square centimeters or 0.0012 square meters. The full sun is around 1000W/m^2, so the power on the panel from the sun is 1.2W. As the panel is about 10% efficient, the actual power delivered to a suitable load would be around 120mW.

Corey Said:

Where to buy? Thin film photovoltaic laminate solar panels? I want to install them myself?

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You can get amorphous silicon panels at the link below. However, be warned that thin film is generally NOT the choice most people make, because it degrades rapidly.…

Victoria Said:

What is your opinion…?

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No, governments should not be responsible for these projects; they are too expensive. We don’t need higher taxes than we already have, and it is not our responsibility.

The problem with solar power is the price and limited lifespan. On top of that, solar panels need to be replace every ten years or so, and guess where it would end up, the landfill.

The best a person can do is be conservative with their power usage.

Denise Said:

Could You Put ThinFilm Photovoltaic (PV) Laminates On Cars To Recharge The Batteries?

We Answered:

For heaven’s sake. Go look at the size of a photovoltaic panel and look at how much power the biggest ones produce. It might be as much as fifty or 100 watts, and these would already be larger than the area of your car’s horizontal surfaces. Fifty watts is approximately nothing for a car: one horsepower equals 746 watts.

In fact, even a small car requires something like four or five times the power your house uses. That gas is pretty potent stuff.

Derrick Said:

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The solar constant is 1.366 kilowatts per square meter outside the atmosphere. On the surface of the earth, under optimal conditions, this number is between 0.8 and 1.0 kilowatts per square meter.

3×4 cm is 12 cm² or 12e-4 m²
multiplying that by 1000 W/m² we get 1.2 watts