Photovoltaic Cells Solar

Erica Said:

Can someone find me a link that has Einstein defining solar cells(photovoltaic cells)?

We Answered:

read this wiki article, it was the Photoelectric Effect, there are lots of resources at the bottom of the page that might help further your research…

Irene Said:

I want recharge the battery of my cell phone with Photovoltaic (solarcells) is this possible?

We Answered:

Of course yes ,There are two options
No.1. plug the cells to a storage device(Batteries) then use the invertor to convert in to AC and use your mobile charger as usual.
No.2.Check the Charger out put dc and arrange the cell accordingly to produce that amount of power attach a stabiliser to it and then plug your charging cable to that.

If you find difficulties better contact solar cells shops they may assist a better method.
All the best

Joe Said:

Do solar collectors use photovoltaic cells (solar cells)?

We Answered:

solar colectiors use mirrors to focus light. this light can be used to turn t turbine or to create a charge on a photovoltaic cell.

Jessie Said:

How do solar cells, or photovoltaic cells, work?

We Answered:

Solar cells are diodes. light provides energy which frees electrons from their atoms in the depletion layer and the electric field moves them to the ngative side of the cell. They flow around the external circuit as current and return to the positive side.